Vroom, Vroom

I know that the Persian Gulf isn’t a country, but it wouldn’t have occured to me immediately because I don’t recall a clue that didn’t just name the city. And I surely don’t know that the tallest building in the world is in Dubai. We never talked about it, but I don’t think Dawn knows either. It was a miracle we got on that flight. We were the last team to book. It wasn’t so bad once we got to Dubai, and once again, we fell into the middle of the pack.

Dawn and I jumped on that Fast Forward because frankly, that bitch can drive. I’ve taken to driving more like a Grandma, but I had no doubt she could do it. She got a head start by edging out the other team making it out of the parking lot first by a hair.

While Dawn whipped it around the track, I was jumping up and down like a jack in the box. When she finished, she hopped out that car like it won’t nothing.

Riding in that Maserati was made for Ericka and Dawn. We bought a style and a swagger to that car that none of the other teams could manage.

Being the first team to arrive at the pit stop was exhilarating. We had been falling in the middle the whole time, which was great, but we didn’t want to get comfortable there. So while the other teams were running around the ski slope, we decided to hit up the Dubai Mall.


~ by 2muchtv on October 23, 2009.

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