Amazing Race – Leg 6

All though we left at 3:30 AM, it didn’t matter because we had to wait until 5:45 PM to catch the ferry. I thought it was funny how Sam and Dan and the Globetrotters have this bitter rivalry, like me and Dawn aren’t right up in there. They better recognize. Dawn was not playing when we got off that ferry. When Big Easy was egging us on, Dawn reached out and tugged his shirt to let him know that we are on his heels. I took the road block because it was my turn and I could do it. I had a science project in middle school with “invisible ink”. You can use lemon juice or vinegar. That’s not to say that I would have known it from the beginning, but I can say that I would have probably held it to the light long enough for the page to burn. We were long gone by the time pink hair showed up because I would have definitely told him what a candelabra was.

We chose the server challenge, cursing all the way because we HATE the mud. Thanks to MBK, we agreed we had a better chance to win. Megan and Shayne killed it. We came in as they were laving. We wanted to beat the Globetrotters there, because they could probably reach over the net while knee-deep in mud. Now, there are only four teams and us.


~ by 2muchtv on November 18, 2009.

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