WHAT is a Praga?

I’ve been on a bus, a train and in a taxi. I’ve never been on a fast bus, but I have been on some fast trains, so we took a taxi to the train station to the square to find the Praga. Dawn had the presence of mind to Google Praga while we were at the airport. I just kept running around saying, “What the HELL is a Praga”. I’d just had enough of cars and trying to charm taxi drivers. Even though the detour was called fast or slow, it might have well been called drown or live. It was clear which one we did. Of all the challenges, this was by far the hardest challenge. They both required upper body strength. When were got to the end, my arms were on FIRE. I just wanted to sit down, but instead we had to move to the next challenge.

I have to say, we watched Sam and Dan steal taxi from Brian and Ericka, and shove the Globetrotters. So when everybody finally got to the pit stop, we decided to pool our resources. 6 heads are better than two. It’s not an alliance per se, but we all have the common goal of sending Sam and Dan home.


~ by 2muchtv on December 1, 2009.

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