How Much Confidence is Too Much Confidence?

So we are down to the final four for Top Chef: Vegas – Kevin, Jennifer, and the two brothers Mike and Bryan Voltaggio. Although I had my doubts about Jennifer, it was nice to see her bounce back. My money is on one of the two brothers, who, even after watching ALL this season’s episodes I can’t tell apart. AND I know they’re not twins.

Something interesting struck me as I watched last season’s episode: unless you are fortunate enough to be a judge on the show, we won’t really know who cooks the best. However, that doesn’t keep us as viewers from picking someone to like. So much goes into how the chefs carry themselves.

I was surprised when Mike I. went home, then it occured to me that I thought his food was solid because HE SAID IT WAS. I think that is a little how life goes, we tend to trust the person who tells you how great they are – to a certain extent.

Think about Dale from season 4. Although he was one of my favorite (what can I say, I have a high tolerance for cockiness), his cockiness became a turnoff at a certain point.

Where is that point where confidence becomes too much?


~ by 2muchtv on December 2, 2009.

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