How to Gain Your Independence + 15 lbs

In the first few minutes of the new series “Deep End”, the partners meeting adjourned and the first years went running after the leftover food. This is one of the details of TV, that is actually true. They are called vultures. How do I know, I was one.

My first job out of school was at Hogan & Hartson LLP (can’t forget the LLP), as a Practice Development Clerk, (fancy term for marketing bitch). I answered the phone, distributed promotional items and scheduled meetings.

Don’t get it twisted. I didn’t just prey on the food from the meetings I scheduled. I was friends with members of the housekeeping team and other fellow vultures. So in the middle of my day (after 10, or after 2), I’d get a call that said, “There’s food in the conference room on the 8th floor). I’d stop what I was doing, (because it moves FAST), and whisper to my co-workers that there was food on the 8th floor as if there was a fire.

Olive OylYou see, in college, I developed a life rule: never turn down free food. In that case, I’d have breakfast (I was skipping breakfast at home back then), two lunches – the overpriced one that I purchased at a downtown restaurant and the one leftover after whatever meeting. If I was lucky, I would get an afternoon snack to hold me over after a little overtime and the train ride home.

A study conducted by the University of Chicago in 2001 found that a worker in a sedentary job may end up with a Body Mass Index 3.3 units higher than someone who moves around more.

Add to that it was the first time I had money in my pocket and a new sense of freedom. Let’s just say that job made the freshman 15 look like Olive Oil.

Fortunately for me, my next job was at a non-profit, so free food really became a treat and I have since taken steps to pay more attention to what I eat. I still don’t turn down free food, but now I let it replace a meal or snack that I was going to have.


~ by 2muchtv on January 21, 2010.

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