Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for Kids

I’m catching up on my Tivo and ran across a bizarre pattern. On The Bad Girls Club, Kendra goes out with a fellow who calls himself Angel. They go out to dinner and he sticks her with the bill. When Natalie calls, he says that he likes to “test” women to see where their interests lie – in him or in the money (there is no proof that he has any money in the first place).

That is the most obnoxious thing. As insulted as any self-respecting man is that a woman would want him for the money, any self respecting women would be equally as insulted that he would assume that of her without getting to know her. Because that little trick makes her guilty until proven innocent (when she pays the bill and continues to accept his phone calls).

Then, on the Millionaire Matchmaker, the Millionaire insists on having his date haul junk. That’s his test to see if the woman isn’t a golddigger. I’ll give him some benefit of the doubt because he is a millionaire. I think the life coach said it best: he should be smart enough to learn her character as he gets to know her.

So instead of taking the time to get to know a women a man wants to throw a test at her like they are in grade school.


~ by 2muchtv on January 27, 2010.

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