And In This Corner…

Jerry Seinfeld created and produces the new series The Marriage Ref on NBC, airing tonight at 10PM. The show takes on married couples’ quirky disagreements. Meant to be funny, the shows makes light of the types of disagreements that may not necessarily make or break a marriage but certainly make it interesting.

The show’s first episode includes guests Kelly Ripa and Alec Baldwin (who, although he’s hilarious, the irony of his appearance on the show at all is funny all by itself).

While these couples will be exploring the subject of stripper poles, they will probably stray away from more intense topics like money.

A study released in January by the Pew Research Center showed that 22 percent of men made less money than their wives in 2007, which can be a sore spot for a lot of couples. Researchers expect that number to grow due to the recession of ’08 (if I use the term “of ’08, doesn’t that make it past tense?).

“If men and women have the expectation that it’s OK for a spouse to earn more, it’s not going to affect their relationship like it would if they go into the marriage with the expectation that the husband will have the job that pays more,” said Kristy Archuleta, co-director or Kansas State University’s Financial Therapy Clinic.


~ by 2muchtv on March 4, 2010.

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