They Call Me J-I-L-L S-C-O-T-T

I could create a just blog on L&O: SVU. Sometimes the subject matter is appalling, sometimes the story leaves me slackjawed, and sometimes, I get to see an actor in a way that I’ve never seen them before. I couldn’t give two shakes about Hillary Duff until I saw her on Law and Order: SVU and it was clear she wasn’t a child star anymore.

I just watched this Tuesday’s episode that will cause me to never look at Jill Scott the same way again. I recently saw her on the Monique Show where she had just been cast in the role and she was hoping she got something juicy. Well, she got her wish. Her character was mean.

I’ve seen Jill Scott in concert three times, I have four of her CD’s and respect her artistry. But in this episode, she was an ass hole. We got to see her Philly side come out.


~ by 2muchtv on March 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “They Call Me J-I-L-L S-C-O-T-T”

  1. I’m mad you said “her Philly side.” Her character on SVU was horrendous. That’s not “Philly,” that’s just abhorrent. She did the damn thing though. I still can’t get out of my head the part where she was hitting her sister and she said “you’re dirty…” Whew!

    • She was horrendous. When I said her Philly side, I was thinking of when she came across the room at Ice-T

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