What can I say, the show brings out the snarkiness in me

My favorite NYC housewife is Bethenny (who, previously appeared on the one and only season of Martha Stewart Apprentice). However, I have to call her out on her foolishness because she’s not the only one. “Because of the success of Naturally Thin and the whole Skinny Girl brand, I’ve been in the press TOO MUCH. And the last thing I need is my MUG on one of those blogger’s sites.” I get annoyed when reality “stars” complain about media attention. The whole point of being on a reality show is to boost your profile by being a fake celebrity. Sorry skinny girl, not even Real Celebs get to pick and choose where they get to appear.

No need to single Bethenny out, because these ladies say things that are just screaming for snarkiness, even from a sweetheart like me.

On the same episode, Kelly tells the reporter that she’s reading the same books her kids are reading. Big Surprise.

The countess tells her daughter that she knows Catherine Malandrino, and that her daughter can work with Catherine next summer. Wouldn’t it be funny if Catherine Malandrino was watching and said to the TV, “The HELL! “


~ by 2muchtv on April 2, 2010.

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