Tonight, We Say Goodbye

Last Tuesday’s premier episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent snuck past me (maybe I shouldn’t admit that publicly). So as I watch it on a rerun, there is no love lost over Capt. Danny Ross. I never connected with him emotionally. However, tonight, I might need a box of tissues. Tonight is Vicent D’Onofrio’s final episode. It’s no secret that I have a major [case] crush on Detective Goran, so tonight’s episode of L&O: CI will be bittersweet for me. The only consolation is that they found a credible replacement in Jeff Goldblum. He’s odd in his own special way, but not a copycat of the beloved Detective Goran.

D’Onofrio, and Bogosian aren’t the only ones to be replaced. Kathryn Erbe will also be replaced by Saffron Burrows (Boston Legal). I’ve been watching the show religiously since it began, and although I’m curious about the shakeup. Dick Wolf has brought me countless New York Cops including the Anthony Anderson and Jeremy Sisto (you can see a pictorial cast list here). So I’ll go with it.


~ by 2muchtv on April 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Tonight, We Say Goodbye”

  1. I was never a CI fan. The rythmn just wasn’t right for me. I did just read that S. Epatha Murkeson was leaving regular L&O after this season and that hurt my heart!

  2. I haven’t been up on CI since I got rid of cable. Not surprised that D’Onofrio is leaving though. Never liked Erbe or Bogosian, so no tears shed over them. Best thing they did was bring Chris Noth back for a while. Oh well. Never been a Goldblum fan, so I guess it’s no more CI for me. After being an L&O fan since day one, they are losing me with these changes. I can’t stand any of the new folks on L&O. The cops have gone downhill and McCoy, as much as he deserves to be DA, needs to be in the courtroom. That’s where he does his best work. Thank goodness I have the first six seasons of L&O on dvd. That’s what I’ll be watching.

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