Top Chef Masters is BACK!

Chef Govind Armstrong, Courtesy of the Sun Sentinel

Speaking of celebrity chefs, Top Chef Masters returns tonight! Although I don’t love it as much as Top Chef [amateurs], I get my Wednesday night fix of food porn. This season, Debbie Gold, Carmen Gonzalez and Govind Armstrong are among the Top Chefs competing this season. Food journalist Kelly Choi returns as host. The new season premieres Wednesday, April 7 at 11PM, and its regular time is 10PM on Wednesdays.


~ by 2muchtv on April 7, 2010.

One Response to “Top Chef Masters is BACK!”

  1. I agree. I kind of look at it like NCAA vs the NBA. There is something so genuine about the drive and passion of the contestants on the regular Top Chef. And, I miss Tom and Gail. I still love to see the creativity that some of the world renowed chef’s have to offer. Masters will keep me engaged until the new season of the regular Top Chef.

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