Embarrasing Parents

When I went out on my first date, my parents had to meet the boy I was going out with. Aside: he was a lovely young man who really skewed my expectations of what a boyfriend should be. We worked together and I was SUPEREXCITED. We worked together, so I had to drive us from work, to my house, and then to the movie theater. My mom happened to be out of town that night, so my dad had to meet him.

While some girls flip out when Dad has to meet the boy, I wasn’t worried. My dad is pretty mellow, and I brought home a good guy. I didn’t expect any melodrama. Actually, the two of them were alike in alot of ways. One of them being that they weren’t very talkative.

I could tell that my dad was kind of “all thumbs” on this one, my mom is the question asker, but he was determined to do his “dad duty”. Sherawn sat down on the sofa and my dad sat in his normal spot, a pink swivel chair. My dad asked maybe, three questions that night – something about grades, where he lived. Somewhere during the conversation, my dad swivels around with his finger squarely up his nose and asked his question. In his nervousness, I’m not sure if Sherawn even noticed. But for some other girls, they would have run screaming from the room. But he was just being himself. That’s why I feel comfortable posting this blog, because if word got back to him that I posted it on the Internet, he would smile and go on about his business.

On tonight’s episode of Parenthood, Sarah (played by Lauren Graham), catches her 15-year-old daughter, Amber (Mae Whitman) in the shower with her boyfriend. That situation is embarrassing for EVERYBODY involved, but the show weekly chronicles how parents make mistakes as they are just being themselves.


~ by 2muchtv on April 20, 2010.

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