Too far?

Prior to watching last week’s Good Wife, my girlfriend told me that Carey pulled some shady stuff. Of course she didn’t want to give it away, so, I was intrigued when I pulled it up on my DVR. However, I wasn’t surprised at Carey’s hijinks, nor was I offended. He went around to his colleagues and asked them to put in a good word. He highlighted her shortcomings (her family ties keep her from working 24/7), but probably nothing that her coworkers hadn’t already concluded. Alicia could have plead her case to those exact same colleagues highlighting Carey’s lack of experience.

What did offend me however, was Diane’s request for Alicia to use her connections. She basically said, use your husband to keep your job. While I know Alicia didn’t have to do it (I personally think she shouldn’t have), their work should have stood on its own merit. And tonight, when carey unleashes his wrath, I’m rooting for him. The bottom line is, he couldn’t compete with a former D.A.’s wife’s Rolodex, and if Stern Lockhart was going to play that game, they shouldn’t have dangled the carrot in front of him.

Is it just me, or do you think Carey got the shaft?


~ by 2muchtv on May 18, 2010.

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