What’s Cooking, Good Looking?

side-by-side of Kenny Gilbert and Isaac Hayes

Is it just me, or does Kenny remind you of Isaac Hayes

They came out of the gate running with the first elimination challenge a mise en plase — you know, the timed competition where they have to do basic stuff. This time the contestants had to peel potatoes, break down a chicken, dice some onions and turn them into a dish. The winner dominated the competition. And won $20,000 with the high stakes prize

For the elimination challenge, contestants had to create a dish that describes who they are. I don’t crave fish, so I was indifferent to several of the dishes that were prepared. However, I did have to hit rewind on Lynne’s waffles and ice cream WITH BACON.

The two recipes on my to-do list are chicken liver mousse (just because she missed the mark doesn’t mean I will), and the goat cheese polenta. I recently discovered polenta and I dig it.

Angelo and Kenny dominated the competion this week, but I think it is too soon too tell who’s going to go all the way.


~ by 2muchtv on June 17, 2010.

One Response to “What’s Cooking, Good Looking?”

  1. Top Chef is one of my favorite reality shows. I can’t wait to blog about the episode that I got to participate in. We signed confidentiality papers though, so I can’t until after it airs.

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