The Blackout: Inception

As you know, I have relinquished my phone, internet and cable service. I’ve been trying to function without those three items at my fingertips. On Monday, after spending the weekend watching reruns stored on my Tivo, I went to see Inception, at the IMAX, no less. Throughout the two-hour movie, there were approximately five times when I literally [I mean literally] thought to myself, “This is awesome!”

I don’t really do reviews because I don’t believe in telling you what to like. Furthermore, I can’t explain the plot because I think it is best to go into the movie with the least amount of expectations. What I will say, is that it has the dramatic effect worthy of calling it a summer blockbuster. However, there it will require you to think more than your usual summer blockbuster.

Last night, I had a dream that I accompanied my mother on a business trip. I attended one of the HR seminars, and in that same group with me was Travis McCoy, as well as a random FB friend that I’ve only met once. Next thing I know, we were at a bus station at Wendy’s ordering an ice cream cone. And the girl serving us kept licking the ice cream cone to “make it neat” before giving it to us. Just like in our dreams, watching the movie is about dismissing logic and just “going with it”.


~ by 2muchtv on July 23, 2010.

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