No, the OTHER Michael Jordan

Michael B. Jordan to be exact. One of the privileges of being self-aware is that I know there are certain shows that don’t fit my personality. The Wire is one of those shows. I’ve always heard it was an amazing show, but I’m sensitive. I like that about me, but it precludes me from watching shows like The Wire, True Blood or Dexter, to name a few. And since I am a CBS girl, I missed his run on All My Children. So I suppose I am one of the few people who is just now being blown away by actor Michael B. Jordan. I found him on Friday Night Lights, yes, I’m a season behind.

I thought about writing this post the week his mom went into the hospital for an overdose. It was a scene I’d definitely seen before, but when I wasn’t paying attention, I felt my eyes welling up. One of the things that makes an actor “good” (it’s in quotations because I realize the term is subjective), is when they take a done to death scene and turn it into something real.


~ by 2muchtv on July 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “No, the OTHER Michael Jordan”

  1. Hmm, I’m a huge STAN of The Wire and I try to follow all the actors for other projects since it. He was excellent in his portrayal of Wallace on The Wire. I didn’t know he was on Friday Night Lights. I might have to check that out.

    • You should check it out. They’ve elegantly integrated African-American cast members into the show including Jurnee Smollet (from Eve’s Bayou), and Steve Harris (from The Practice). They do a really good job of telling the story of Black people in a way that is honest and not cliched.

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