Tolerate a Toxic Work Environment for Career Advancement?

Taylor's goneOn last night’s premier of The Rachel Zoe Project, Rachel’s right hand Taylor, was fired. I really didn’t like Taylor from day one because I just don’t like mean people. At some point, the negativity gets in the way of doing the best just possible, and she definitely crossed that line. In every episode. Which caused me to watch pass on watching every episode. However, I think it stinks that she doesn’t have a chance to defend herself. In every episode, her absence makes people me wonder what really happened. She doesn’t have the equal platform to present her side of the story…

What made me write this post though was when Rachel said at her staff meeting, there are too many people who want this job, and I thought I don’t know why.

I’m always suspect of “fast-paced work environments”, because I find that far too often that is just a euphemism for inefficient. There are very few offices that are organized and still overwhelming. I get that because of the nature of the work of styling, there is a lot of flying by the seat of your pants. But there doesn’t seem to be any sort of process to anything.

Furthermore, I thought it was wrong to expect Brad to jump in, guess, and get it right. Rachel not only has a high tolerance for other people’s drama – which is a credit to her personality, but a detriment to her business sense – she creates her own drama. Not to mention the cameras!The question becomes for any potential hire – not just on this show but anywhere – at what point does pursuing your passion and building your experience trump a toxic work environment?


~ by 2muchtv on August 4, 2010.

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