The Blackout: What I Learned

I caved. Well, the cable is still gone, but chasing the internet became too much of a hassle. Our library system has been victim to budget cuts and the ones in my area are closed on Tuesday and Friday. On Monday they don’t open until noon. I am a morning person and by noon, half my day is gone. My clients depend on me to be efficient in the morning, so I broke down and got an internet connection.

Having the laptop here in the house, whenever I remembered something, or if the urge hit me, I could type a blog post, look something up, or even write an article. But with the internet “away”, I had to learn to make to-do lists. To be more meticulous about remembering what needed to be done and scheduling it. It required that I have time management skills, and I discovered that I have time management issues.

I was eager to see what kind of things I would learn about myself during the Blackout. Time management really wasn’t all of a surprise. I just had a lifestyle where it didn’t matter. But now I can’t help but to wonder how much more I could get done if I managed my time differently…


~ by 2muchtv on August 14, 2010.

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