Project Runway’s Comraderie

Thanks to the prompt and efficient team over at Lifetime, I am able to keep up with Project Runway as episodes are posted the following day. What has struck me has been the way the team rallies together – until last week. They are were supportive and genuinely interested in the others’ success.

Not above their own, but there’s no sabotage, no stealing of the pea puree. I can’t say that without bringing up Gretchen’s total flip-flop in last week’s episode. I’m not surprised at what she did. Truthfully, I was surprised at how clumsy she was about it. In the stew room, she mentioned calling somebody out, which to me, it was clear that was what she wanted to do. Then she goes out in front of the judges and says what she thinks she needs to say to save her ass – even if it means doing a 180. Even though I don’t care for her personality, it is a competition and I don’t fault her for what she did.

Contrary to what the judges said, I don’t think she was manipulative. I think she did steamroll her team, but they allowed her to do so. They allowed her to appoint herself spokesperson. She needed to be taken down a peg. Those two wins gave her a false sense of confidence.


~ by 2muchtv on September 2, 2010.

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