Not Your Mama’s Soap Opera, or Is It?

It’s 8PM on Monday, without cable, I’m watching an online episode of The Young & the Restless. On Friday, one of the characters was killed. As it crossed my mind that I’m not convinced that he’s dead, I realized, the same could be said for Chuck Bass, who we saw fall to the ground in last season’s finale of Gossip Girl.

Then as I watch Nikki ream Victor out for his latest shenanigans, I start to wonder whether Chuck and Blair will follow in the footsteps of Victor and Nikki regularly breaking up to make up. The same could be said for Luke and Laura, Reva and Josh (from our beloved and canceled Guiding Light).

I started watching Y&R one summer when my great aunt watched us while we were out of school, and the bottom line is, they are all the same. For all of their “modern day” drinking, partying and killer fashion, the kids do the same thing that the characters on our mothers and grandmothers soaps do – they sleep with everybody, lie with everybody, get good jobs with 0 experience, and occasionally get killed only to show up alive once again (or with a twin brother, or both).

Why is it, that it is so fun to watch, over and over again?


~ by 2muchtv on September 13, 2010.

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