Mike and Molly

I had reservations about Mike & Molly because the premise is that two plus-sized people fall in love. Two skinny people can just find love, but it has to be pointed out when people are plus-sized.

But I adore the actress who plays Molly, so I gave it a try. The idea of struggling with weight and looking for love are universal ideas. The thing is, in real life, fat people don’t sit around making fat jokes about themselves their weight. And the show is produced by Chuck Lorre, who gave me Dharma and Greg.

The show is a pilot, so the chemistry is off, and the writers try too hard to be funny. Although the show was full of jokes (many of them were fat jokes), there were only a few laughs. Those punchlines were delivered impeccably. It is a good cast, and the writing has potential. I’m looking forward to when everybody hits their groove.


~ by 2muchtv on September 27, 2010.

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