Resolved: Give to Charity

Girls, Inc. logoOne of the very few things I’ve learned in life is that giving back helps me put whatever problems I have into perspective. Writing a check however is only a smidgen of the potential I have to make a difference – if you’ve seen my checkbook, you know what I mean when I say a smidgen. So for 2011, I’ve chosen a charity to support. By choosing one charity to direct my funds toward, I get to do more than a measly five dollars here and five dollars there. My goal is not just to donate when I can, but to become an advocate for an organization, using the means that I have to tell people about a cause that I believe in.

With that said, I am tickled to “announce” that my 2011 charity is Girls, Inc. In pop culture, us ladies don’t always get fair representation. We can be sidekicks, wives, sex objects and nags. When we do get the lead role, we are sometimes portrayed as marriage and baby crazy, manipulative, or vindictive. Women in the media are often expected to live up to an ideal that is young, skinny and usually white.

So it is important to me to choose a charity that keeps those pop culture images in perspective. Girls Inc. teaches girls that they can be smart, and pretty. We can be athletic, complicated, technically savvy — anything we want. And we don’t have to apologize for it.

It was important to me to choose an organization that specifically addresses building girls’ body images because that has always been an issue that I’ve dealt with, which is probably one of the reasons I’m into weight-loss shows like I am.


~ by 2muchtv on January 11, 2011.

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