TV is Real Life

Ericka FosterThere are many people who think that TV is well, an idiot box and that it has no redeeming value. I find TV to be interesting, engaging, funny, frustrating, informative and disappointing. I believe that just like Cocoa Puffs can part of balanced diet, TV can be part of a balanced life. With hundreds of channels it is short-sighted to say that television has no redeeming qualities. We can learn how to cook at home on the Food Network, cleaning tips from How Clean is Your House and you can renovate your bathroom from DIY or HGTV. I’ve learned tidbits about human nature from Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Oprah and Judge Mathis.

In fact, this blog supports my hypothesis that TV is real life. If you’ve ever kept a special eye on a random child after watching an episode of Law & Order: SVU, or made your grocery list while watching Top Chef, you know what I’m talking about.


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